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One of the reasons that solar panels are such a good investment is that they require very little maintenance. Most solar panel systems are fine with basic checks and occasional cleaning.  We may even suggest that solar panels do not need to be cleaned as they have self-cleaning glass which removes any residue or debris when it rains. However, solar panels are only cost efficient when they are working at maximum output and for that reason it is best to visually check them at least once a year.

If in doubt it is always better to bring in a professional to service your solar panel system. This is particularly important for dealing with electrical systems and working at heights. These can be dangerous situations for those unqualified to carry them out safely.

Upgrades, Maintenance & Repair Options;

Solar Edge LG 7kWh Battery Upgrade Package









Growatt Inverter Replacement

from £586.00


Solis 3.6kW Inverter Replacement

from £572.00

Generation Meter Replacement









System Service & Check

from £100.00


Solis AC & 7kWh Pylon Tech Battery Upgrade


Solic Hot Water Controller









Myenergi Eddi Hot Water Controller



Solis AC & 4.8kWh Pylon Tech Battery Upgrade








Cost of Battery Upgrades

Are you ready to move your Solar PV system to the next level? 

The price of batteries has improved greatly – making them now more viable than ever.

We assess your electricity needs to provide you with the best solution for your home or business.

Solar P.V. System repairs

It is very unlikely that the solar panels themselves will have to be repaired. It is more likely that the inverter or other parts of the system need to be repaired. If there is an issue with the inverter, or you notice any cables are damaged, it would be classed as an electrical problem. In this situation, you should only allow a qualified electrician, with solar power experience, to assess and repair any damage.

Do not attempt to fix any problems yourself if you are not qualified to do so. Not only will the high voltage DC be potentially very dangerous, but you could also void your warranty agreement. Many warranties and solar panel contracts state that only qualified professionals should attempt to repair the system in order for you to remain within the terms and conditions.

We offer a very competitive price to replace or upgrade your inverter.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.









Durability of the panels

Solar panels are built to endure harsh and unpredictable weather. This means that they are prepared for strong winds, snow, rain and even hail stones. In preparation for their life exposed to the elements, solar panels are very durable and unlikely to crack or break. If you do see any cracks on the surface of your panels it is best to get a maintenance service to come and assess them. As solar panels come with such long warranties, usually 25 years, you are likely to be covered if the unexpected does happen.

Due to the simple nature of the solar panel system, which has no moving parts, they tend to have very long lifespans. Most manufacturers offer 25 years warranty as standard and some systems have been known to last for double that time! The warranty should also guarantee how efficient your solar panels will be over the 25 years.

If you notice that your panels are working at a lower efficiency than that promised, we can check and assess the system for you and advise of any required repairs.