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Help secure your financial future by designing and installing a top quality, bespoke Solar Panel (PV) system, which will generate clean and efficient electricity for at least twenty five years.

We are a local electrical contractor established for over fifteen years, specializing for the last five years in the installation of high quality, solar panel electricity generating systems. We have during this period supplied and installed hundreds of solar panel systems in the local area. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our after sales service.

You can earn money by generating electricity for your home through the ‘feed in tariff’. This is a government scheme (not an up-front grant) that pays back your investment through a tax free payment on all the electricity generated, plus you save money by greatly reducing your electricity bills. Our panels are clean, efficient and have minimal maintenance. We won’t blind you with science or attempt to “sell” you a system. We will explain clearly, what’s involved, which design is best for your property, each step in the process, the total cost and the expected money saving and earning of your solar panel system..

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Ace Solar Energy of Wolverhampton can help you to secure your energy and financial future by designing
and installing a top quality, bespoke Solar Panel (PV) system, which should generate clean and efficient
electricity for at least twenty five years.

Ace Solar Energy may be based in Wolverhampton, but we will go the distance to provide a service.  The areas we normally cover are within a fifteen mile radius of our Wolverhampton base, including North Birmingham,  Kidderminster, Stourbridge, Bridgnorth, Telford, Shrewsbury, Walsall, Cannock and Stafford, just to name a few.  We like to stay relatively local in order to give a prompt service should any problems occur and to keep our costs down, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch, wherever you are.

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I have just had solar panels fitted by Ace Solar Energy and I cannot fault this company. From the young lady in the office and management, to Martin and the gang that fitted them. Their customer relationship is second to none. They are a credit to British Industry and I would HIGHLY recomment this company. If you are thinking of having solar panels you will not be disappointed.

Mr Gary Blunden

Stourbridge June 2016

I would like to take the opportunity to say how impressed we have been with all the works carried out in regard to the solar panels installation. Your team were excellent, efficient, informative and very friendly.

Mrs Simmonds

Cheslyn Hay November 2015

Got a Question?
We have the answers

Please find below some of the frequently asked questions about solar panels that Ace Solar think you may like to see the answers for. If however you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to call on 01902 562440  and one of our technical or admin team will happy to give you a full answer.

How do the solar panel systems make electricity?

Solar panels take advantage of the sun’s rays to generate electricity. It is an infinitely renewable resource and the solar panel systems  unique in their ability to generate energy in a quiet, clean, manner whilst using no other fuel or source of power.  In simple terms, photovoltaic cells are made of a semiconductor material, silicon.  The silicon wafers are “doped” with the elements phosphorous and boron which give the cells two sides different potentials,  which when hit by photons from the sun creates  the movement of electrons across the cell.  The moving electrons within the solar panel are then routed through the inverter via the DC circuit , and this is where we take out the AC power produced.

How much does a solar panel system cost?

A 4.0kW solar panel system will cost between £5500 and £6750 including V.A.T. depending on the quality of the components and the complexity of the roof.  This would include the cost for all components – solar panels, panel mounts, inverter, switch gear, cabling– and labour associated with installation.  We never charge more that your quoted price, there are no hidden extras.

How much will I save on my utility bills from a solar panel system?

This is a difficult question, it really depends on how much electricity you use and how efficient the appliances are that you use. You can expect to comfortably generate excess electricity in the summer (when days are long) and make approximately a quarter of that in the depths of winter. A combination of solar panels and energy efficient appliances and light bulbs can help to reduce your homes electricity bill by over two-thirds.

How much maintenance do solar panels need?

Solar panels actually require little or no maintenance, with the amount of rain we get in the U.K. they are generally sparkling clean!   However it is important to place panels where they will remain clear of dust and debris.  For instance a barn roof may have a tractor going past many times a day churning up clouds of dust, then an occasional  hose off of the solar panels in the evening when the panels have cooled would probably be a good idea.

Will I need planning permission to install solar panels?

In most cases installing solar panels will be considered “permitted development”  with no need to apply to the council for planning permission. There are some exceptions such as “areas of outstanding natural beauty”  “listed buildings”   and  “conservation areas”. If you have any concerns or queries please just give us a call on  01902 562440

How much roof space will I need for the solar panels?

The solar panels do unfortunately  take a lot of roof space, as each solar panel measures (approximately) 1m by 1.6m, and you would need at least  twelve  of them to make a four Kwp System.  Solar panels can sometimes  be installed within your garden area (if its large and unshaded) using ‘A’ frames, facing south, if roof space is a problem.

How do solar panels work on cloudy days?

Solar panels work by converting the photons in sunlight to electrons ( electricity). Photons are able to penetrate most clouds, so that even on overcast days they are still able to reach your panels & generate some electricity. However when there is a large amount of thick dark cloud, the solar panels will not function very well as only a limited amount of photons will be able to pass through.

Will a salesman call me or come round to my house?

Most solar companies will claim to send surveyors to your home, but in reality they are usually commission based, hard-nosed salesmen (They can take commissions of over £2000 !).  We survey your home, then create a bespoke system based on your needs and available roof space then provide you with an individual quotation based on your exact requirements.

We are however happy to explain anything that you are not sure about whilst we are on site.

Is my house suitable for solar panels?

Most houses  are suitable for solar, as long as you have some roof space facing in a southerly direction (East, or West) is fine too.  We can also fit solar panels to flat rooves with ballasted racking or plastic tubs which do not  penetrate the roofing material.

How do solar panels work in the cloudy U.K.?

We receive, on average, 60% of the solar energy that the equator receives. Solar panels are also more efficient when they are cold !   Which means a 1Kwp solar panel system makes, on average  between 900 kWh and 1,300 kWh a year, depending on where you live and of course how sunny it is!

How Much will I earn?

For every unit of electricity the solar panels produce ( per Kwh ) you will be paid 4.39 pence.
Additionally you are paid 4.85 pence for each exported Kwh, export is not presently measured and is deemed to be 50% of total production.

So  4.39 + (4.85 x 50%) = 6.815 pence per Kwh produced by the solar panels

These payment are made quarterly straight into your nominated account for the next 20 years

They are tax free.

They do not count as income.

They rise annually with the Retail Price Index and so are inflation proof

Would it be better to wait for the prices to come down?

Unfortunately the cost of quality solar panels is more likely to rise than fall due to past over production in the world markets.  We may however see a 20% reduction in the cost of the cheap Chinese solar panels in the future if the E.U. removes the anti-dumping tariff that it has imposed on them. The E.U. is also insisting that we charge the full 20% V.A.T. on the whole installation rather than the reduced 5% rate that we now enjoy, that may happen in the middle of this year 2016.  By installing now you are benefitting from lower product & installation costs.

Will the solar panels supply all my electricity?

The average household consumption in the U.K. is about 3500 kWh per year.  On average, our standard 4kwp system could supply all of your electricity over the course of the year, if we had battery storage, that is because of course the solar panels make no power when its dark! You can manage this to a certain extent by running appliances like washing machines and dishwasher in the middle of the day (maybe on a time switch) when the solar panels will be making power.

How long is the payback?

It would take an average household around 10-12 years to recoup its investment with the new lower Feed in Tariff, however we could  see payback times of less than 8 years on certain properties, and as the feed in tariff runs for a guaranteed 20 years your investment will continue to provide increased returns in the future as the cost of electricity inevitably rises AND RISES. (someone’s got to pay for the new nuclear power plants).  The solar panels are proven to last at least 40 years,so your system will be producing usable clean power for many years after its long paid for itself.

Solar installations will get cheaper with time, won't they?

Unfortunately the indicators are that prices will rise. As a recent Financial Times article points out, the cost of energy, resources, materials and manufacturing is rising globally. It’s likely that solar panels will never be cheaper than they are now as future panels and installations will consist of inputs {energy + materials} that cost far more than today. Although we do our best to keep prices reasonable, there are customers we have given quotes to over 2 years ago, who put it off waiting for the prices to drop, and now wish that they had invested earlier, as the cost has, in fact, increased..

Will installation be disruptive and cause mess in my home?

The biggest part of a solar panel  system installation is the solar panels themselves, which are outside on the roof.  In addition to working on the roof from this we will need either some space in your loft,  or preferably  your garage or basement, ( because they are cooler, which is good for the inverter) to install the small amount of internal equipment which is the basically the inverter and generation the meter.

What makes your solar panels better than the others?

Our solar panels are the best quality and value available, we only install branded good such as L.G. or Sharp, we are accredited installers for both companies.  The many Chinese solar panels are to be avoided due to suspect quality of build and the uncertainty of the badly worded and unreliable warrantees.  All of our solar panels come with a credible guarantee that they will produce 90% of their rated power output for 10 years, and 80% of their rated power output for 25 years.  We expect them to perform much better than that due to our climate and their quality of build.  All of our workmanship is also guaranteed with an independent insurance policy for ten years.

A final comment about quality

With anything in life, you only get what you pay for, so inevitably cheap solar panels will prove to be, in the long term a false economy due to reduced  longevity and performance.  We are confident that our solar panels offer unrivalled premium quality with very reasonable prices. That’s why the manufactures  stand behind L.G. & SHARP solar panels with a full 25 year guarantee on performance. We do not use other companies to install your solar panels are MCS accredited, so you can be sure you are receiving excellent  service, a quality installation and good advice.

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